Pittsburgh dating scene

Zamir has created a 'cheers' environment with a killer menu, great live music, and an amazing beer selection!

From what I've read, Pittsburgh is a great city.

The Fan also features live and local programming, 7-days […] Pittsburgh doesn’t exactly seem like a standout city in regards to its singles’ scene, but locals know that their town does indeed offer several great singles’ spots.

Thanks to the growing number of bars, clubs and nightlife events concentrated throughout the city, there is no shortage of places to meet someone.

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It makes the dating scene that much more complicated.

Finally, you find someone your age, who is planning on living here, might even be from here, and you have all this stuff in common..boom, they mention their girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/significant other and what was once to thought to be the beginning of something beautiful has already ended.

Because Pittsburgh is so small, not a lot of people are willing to drive the extra mile to date someone who lives on the other side of town.

It's almost as if we stick to the small section of the city we live in, and if you're not in that 10-20 mile radius, you've limited yourself even more.

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