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matriarch, Renee Graziano is bringing her secret, long-term boyfriend to Boot Camp because she’s looking for a bigger (and public) commitment.Joe doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with how their relationship is now and knows that if they go public, he’s going to need to have a sit down with Renee’s father (who’s his friend) and he’s just not interested in that level of drama.

What is done during the course of this disgusting fiasco is a nothing short of criminal.Jim and his wife Elizabeth share a blended family consisting of 2 daughters and 2 sons, and together bring you the finest experience of healing in the nation.Elizabeth Carroll comes to the Dating Boot Camp with a wealth of experience.Since the birth of their son, JP feels that he is an after thought and it’s threatening the foundation of their marriage. Gabi and Victor have issues seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting, life, and relationships in general.Boot Camp is a last-ditch effort for the couple because Gabi doesn’t want to raise her son in a negative environment.

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