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Like daguerreotypes and ambrotypes before it, hand colouring was also possible and rouging of the subject's cheeks was the most common form of this.Carte de visite sized card mounts (2½"x4") were developed to enclose the gem and the finished item was known as a carte de visite tintype or ferrotype.Dress details may provide additional information, such as the social status of the wearer, their occupation, and sometimes their location or region.

The Cabinet card got its name from its suitability for display in parlors -- especially in cabinets -- and was a popular medium for family portraits.Group carte-de-visite mid 1880s (c1883-7)There might be a considerable time lag before London fashions reached the provinces, and older people, while picking up on the contemporary silhouette or material in their dress style, might retain some fashion features and hairstyles from their youth.Changes in men's fashions have generally been more subtle, and less sensational than women's, and photographs of even the most well-to-do gentlemen are therefore far more difficult to date accurately by dress alone.Despite the name, cartes de visite were rarely used as visiting cards.Given the number of calls a lady or gentleman made during a day or week, imagine the prodigious number of photographic visiting cards they would have to buy.

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