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The Collector ship arrived just as the battle ended; fortunately, the ship was close enough to a mass relay for her to escape.

Once safe, Samara gave the slaves a speech about self-defense and passed out the credits, weapons, and armor that had belonged to her mercenary comrades, then left them all at the Citadel.

She gave me a canned response like "Hello Shepard" or something like that, so I went on my way thinking everything was fine. So, I continued on with the task at hand, which at the time was to go to the Citadel and talk to the Salarian councilor, etc, etc..

Well, after that went through, I again, went to talk to Liara just to be absolutely sure I was still okay. So it seemed I really was going to get away with it.

In "The Goodbye Look," Samara manages to convince Emily to go see a movie with her, despite Emily's hesitation that she's moving to Texas, and maybe shouldn't start something new. Samara returns the favor, opening up to Emily about her first girlfriend; saying that she was a conservative girl who always wore her hair up, and Samara used to stare at the back of her neck, until one day they had a study date, and she "Let her hair down!When Paige catches Samara and Emily flirting at the Founder's Day Festival, she gets jealous, causing Emily to thank Samara and to tell Paige it's not worth it, now that she insists on keeping their relationship hidden from everyone.Paige gets angry at Emily for revealing her secret to Samara, even though that was the plan.You can text like SMS and talk to anyone nearby easily. Samara is a nearly thousand-year-old asari justicar, a member of an ancient monastic order following a strict honor code.

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Samara is a friend of Emily Fields who met Emily while trying to help Paige with coming out.

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