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The series saw its lowest ratings up to that point in season five.Nevertheless, Desperate Housewives maintained its position as a top-ten series.

While papers were originally filed in October of 2014, it took roughly two years for everything to become official., Phaedra told her co-stars that the divorce was still in progress and that she wasn't dating anyone.

Elsewhere, a couple of teenagers kept alluding to something unseen and a chap got beaten up by another chap in a balaclava.

After that, though, the pieces quickly fell into place.

The series received media attention following the announcement that Edie, portrayed by Nicollette Sheridan, would be killed off close to the end of the season.

Edie takes on the narration in "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know" following her death, marking the second time Mary Alice's voice is not heard in an episode.

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The Atkins woman deserved her scary music because she was about to have a nervous breakdown, shut her baby in a drawer, try to jump out of a window and end up in a mental hospital.

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