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Caring and devoted, those born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp infuse the world around them with lighthearted kindness, and are able to find inspiration in the ordinary -- then share what they’ve learned with others. Emotions can run high for these individuals, so it’s very important to their happiness that they are able to share their lives with close family, friends and lovers.

Gemini-Cancer cuspers are typically quite affectionate and sensitive, and the one downside to this is if they have no one to devote themselves to.

This could lead to depression and self-destructive behavior.

But fortunately these cuspers have such magnetic personalities it's unlikely they'd find themselves alone for too long.

If you were born on the day the Sun moves from one zodiac sign to another, you won't know exactly which is your true sun sign without having your chart calculated.

If you came into the world when the Sun was transiting between signs, or when the ascendant is changing signs, you may have a foot in each of two different realities.

When flirty Gemini energy meets sensitive Cancer in your birth chart, it inspires pure magic!

If your birthday is between about June 17 and June 23, you were born on the magical Gemini-Cancer cusp and your life will be an inspiration to others.

One reason for this might be that neither Venus nor Mars ever strays far from the Sun.Famous Taurus/Gemini Men: Malcolm X, The Notorious B. G., Andre The Giant, Yo Gotti, Mario Chalmers, Socrates, Bob Dylan, Busta Rhymes, Chris Benoit, Sam Smith, Tony Stewart. I don’t know where to start lol, I’ve met and know quite a few of these, my idols are of this cusp, I am apart of this cusp.I personally think it is the most complex cusp of them all.What begins by examining your Sun Sign and understanding the makeup of your essential personality can lead to the discovery of your complete astrological makeup and may allow you to look through a lens and completely understand yourself with astounding clarity.For those of you who don’t know what Sign your Sun was in look for this glyph (symbol) on your birth chart and note the Zodiac Sign it's in.

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Remember that your Sun Sign is just a portion of who you are.

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