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As for your suggestion Ken to go counting mixed couples at Shibuya: I’de do it if you send me a sheet with the questions and a clipboard. Another thing I noticed in here, is that there is a lot of hatin’ goin’ on here!You might say that I’m still in this illusion of Japan thing, although I don’t think I really am…

Often the rules are different (and things like that).

Now that I'm the stay-at-home type mostly, he's stuck paying for everything.

One of the funniest moments of our pre-relationship (we worked together, both nursing crushes for 6 months before I made the first move) was when we were talking about Bones and he mentioned that some Japanese men find Caucasian women very attractive. This is why it took 6 months to get things started. I'll jump in here as a man, if I may, although my situation is the opposite way round.

But the fact that they are coming forward and asking you stuff… I’m french but was born and raised in Berlin, so I’m a foreigner as long as I can remember. And to be honest, while in Berlin, I wasn’t too interested in foreigners either.

One thing I realised while reading everyones thoughts, is that I get asked a lot if I was into mangas or Japanese women…

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